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September 14th, 2023

Change the First Five Years and You Change Everything
That's our mission!


The Oldham County Community - Early Childhood Council’s non-profit arm is the 501c3 tax-exempt organization named Early Childhood Council Inc.
EIN # 46-1288774.

Thank you from the Oldham County Community Early Childhood Council to the programs that have provided funding since 2000  to provide educational opportunities to the Oldham County community on School Readiness.

-Governors Office of Early Childhood

Children birth to 5 years old possess the foundation that will enable personal and school success. They will live in strong family units that are supported, strengthened and empowered within their communities.

"School readiness means that each child enters
school ready to engage in and benefit from early learning
experiences that best promote the child's success."

Make Your Child A Millionaire

   A person who graduates from high school
   will earn $1,000,000.00 more in their      
   lifetime than a person who does not. 

   A person who graduates from college will
   earn $1,000,000.00 more in their lifetime
    than a person who graduates high school.


MAKE YOUR CHILD A 100,000.00
5 Simple Things EVERY DAY!              Ready for School, Ready for Life!

  • Talk to your child. 
    Have a real conversation- 10 min.
  • Use big, fat, juicy words.
    Like: Marvelous &  Impressive
  • Speak in 5 word sentences.
    “I see a furry dog.”
  • Give 5 positive statements for each negative statement.
    Be your child’s cheerleader.  Use positive & encouraging comments.
  • Limit screen time to 1 hour a day. If you allow more than 1 hour, sit down & talk with your child about what is happening on TV, computer or video game.

Oldham County Community-Early Childhood Council Copyright 2014