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The Council's mission is that all children birth to 5 years old possess the foundation that will enable personal and school success. They will live in strong family units that are supported, strengthened and empowered within their communities.


The Oldham County Community Early - Childhood Council, OCC-ECC,formally named the Rural KIPDA Community Early Childhood Council, was organized in 2000 with many of the original board members still volunteering and collaborating. 
We are supported annually by the KIDS NOW initiative through funding. We continue to support and collaborate within the early childhood community to bring quality care and education to young children. The Oldham County Community - Early Childhood Council’s non-profit arm is the 501c3 tax-exempt organization named Early Childhood Council Inc. EIN # 46-1288774.

We welcome guests and partners to our mission. 

Use the link below to find out how to donate funds to our organization or to support one of our projects.  The link will open a "Donation Form" which will outline how and where to send your donations. Our "Donor Privacy" policy is also available for you to review and print.   

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The Council Education Trainer:

Meet Carol Hughey, Ed S. the Rural KIPDA Community Early Childhood Specialist

Council Board Members:

Sandy Darst-Johnson~ Child Care-Kids Haven

Suzette Ertel ~ Early Childhood Advocate

Jessica Wolf/Jasmine Exum- OVEC Head Start

Jessica Kastin~ Oldham School District-Preschool

Christi Leonard ~ Commission for Children -First Steps

Brummal Murphy-Childcare Aware Kentucky

Shannon Kruer- Oldham County Public Library

Julie Murray- Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist- Children with Disabilities-Chatter Box

Erica Price ~ Metro United Way

Diane Stewart  ~ HANDS-Oldham Health Dept.

Liz Burrows-Oldham County Health Dept.

Sherry Ragsdale-Oldham County Coop. Ext. 

Elizabeth Jackson/Leigh Garrett-Seven Counties Services

Suzie Hernandez- Latino Advocate

Teresa Gamsky- Public Health

Let us know if you would like to join us at any of our monthly meetings the 2nd Wednesday of each month 10:00am-11:30am. If you have a question please call or email us

 Mailing Address:OCC-ECC
c/o Oldham County Health Department
1786Commerce Parkway, LaGrange, KY  40031

Phone: 240-718-4991 
E-mail: KYReady4School@gmail.com


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